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Tree Trimming Service

We offer Tree Trimming Services in Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach, Orange Park, St Augustine and Fernandina Beach FL.

At Custom Tree Surgeons, tree trimming is the most common tree service, we provide to our clients. It is an important part for maintaining safety around a home by removing excess weight from a tree. Our Jacksonville Tree Trimming experts know how to properly trim a tree to promote health and the trees aesthetics. It is important to hire a company who is a Certified Arborist, as improper trimming can introduce disease and damage the tree.

Pruning trees can be extremely hazardous. It involves working and climbing on large trees. It is important to have knowledge, experience and the know how in the use of specialized equipment, not only for the persons safety pruning the tree, but also for the property in close proximity to the tree; homes, businesses, cars, onlookers can be put at serious and unnecessary risk. Other factors need to be taken into consideration as well when working on trees that are near electrical power lines.

When you are in need of Tree Trimming Services in Jacksonville, FL it is important to hire a company that is experienced, licensed, insured and well trained in the trimming and removal of trees. As experienced professionals we are properly trained to assess every situation and take the best approach for the health of the tree and the safety of your property. At Custom Tree Surgeons we are fully licensed and insured with Workman’s Comp. and in full compliance with all OSHA safety regulations. We are dedicated to a safe operation whether on site or at the workplace. We require all of our employees to attend a documented safety training class once a week.

Our goal is to provide each customer a professional experience, ensuring a safe, efficient service that implements the most effective time and money saving equipment to protect our customer’s property. If you are in need of Jacksonville tree trimming service call us today for a Free Estimate (904) 292-9226.